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Classic Bite Commentary: September 27th, 2009

(2018 Update: Replacing an older post with a much older Bite commentary.)

Things have been progressively better since last we met. I'm presently in a state of perceived insanity, but no real danger zones. Let's not dwell on this right now, please? I'm sure there are those concerned about my health and your concern is greatly appreciated, but it's easier for me to not dwell on this... and dwelling is something I'm REALLY good at. So let's just move on, okay? Okay...

So there's not much to say on other fronts: played a few video games of the retro variety, slowed my purchases, and um... oh yeah, the WWE had another PPV in Montreal - and once again performed another screwjob ending in one of its main events. I could get into the hypocrisy of them telling us to get over it when they won't, but this is a screwjob ending I approve of. Why? Because at the end of the day, when all the loose screws are cleaned over and the dust is settled...

CM Punk is still your World Heavyweight Champion... all is right in the world.

Crazy repost time!

Walking by the magazine rack, I saw the cover for the latest issue of Nintendo Power and saw something on the cover that startled me a bit. What was it? A small bit of print that says "We Celebrate 20 Years of the Sega Genesis." If you owned a Genesis 20 years ago and were told that NINTENDO POWER would do a retrospective on the console, you would have had the messenger committed. Even years after the fact and despite owning a Wii with a couple Genesis games on the Virtual Console, I still can't used to the fact that Sega stuff is being featured in Nintendo stuff.

It's still a weird feeling to shake out and unless you were around back in the day when Sega and Nintendo were the bitter rivals in the last true video game war, you'd never understand. It's not like today where everyone is focused on which entertainment system that also plays video games is better. This was a real video game war. You had Nintendo loyalists and Sega loyalists. What one system lacked, it made up for with a suitable library of games that played to its strengths. You won't find that on an Xbox 360 or PS3 rivalry because outside of a few choice features, both platforms feature roughly the same types of games and the same quality. Unless you were a detail freak, you'd never tell the difference between the two.

But back then... two consoles didn't look or even work the same way. And that's what made it fun. That's what made it special.

Okay, so very little to comment on... so here's some updates, with some more updates to follow in two weeks.

WEB: Progress on the Twisted Realms (formerly DTM Webstation) site is going smoothly over the past month. I'll admit that I haven't really touched the site all that much, but the basic structure is pretty much done and now I'm simply look at filling it with content as well as setting up a nice little schedule to post stuff up (I'm presently looking at a bi-weekly update system).

I'm presently aiming for the site to be uploaded on November 4th, 2009. Why that date in particular? Because on the same day in 2002, this site (known quaintly as Dave's Webpage) was also rebuilt (albeit incomplete) and was the first day that I began keeping a record of regular site updates. That record is still in existence in some form or another and will be featured on the new Twisted Realms site.

Pretty much the main goal of the restructuring of the site is to make sure that EVERYTHING WORKS WITHOUT A HITCH. No broken links, no missing pictures, no nothing. I've no intention of dropping an incomplete site when the time comes. If I did, we'd have one right now. No, I want to make sure and personally guarantee that whatever gets posted on this site is DONE and in PROPER working condition. Typos? Yeah, sure - there'll be tons of them no doubt, but at least you can see the content. No problem.

It's always been a constant problem every time I go through one of these site upgrades; something goes missing, something is not working properly, and nothing is updated. When this site goes up in November, every nook and cranny is going to work properly. No fuck-ups this time. If I have to delay this site just to get something working properly, I will. I just hope I don't have to.

I'm trying to go through some changes in all phases of life. This is one of those changes. Let's hope I commit.

For your sake.

As well as mine.

Okay, I'm done. Next...

BLOGS: As of this moment, I presently have TWO blogs to vent my shame in. Besides the usual DTM Blog which has since been redubbed DTM Blog Classic, I also started a new blog called The Twisted Blog of DTM, which is hosted on Blogspot. It was something that I really wanted to do for a while since I saw how the blogs on those sites looked and the actual set-up made for really nice customization. For the coming weeks, I'll be posting some fresh stuff on that site, but don't assume Classic is out of the picture. You'll still get the occasional reviews, rants, and ramblings that have already been there. For the moment, Twisted Blog is going to be fairly low-key and "serious" for the first few months. After that... we'll see.

REVIEWS: Over the course of the past month(s), I've submitted some quick reviews to GameFAQS and chances are most (if not all) of them are probably posted by now. For those wondering which reviews are new, here's a partial list:

- Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)
- Super Street Fighter II Turbo (PC)
- Space Invaders (SNES)
- Capcom Classics Mini-Mix (GBA)
- Power Rangers Super Legends (DS)
- Mega Man (NES) - not the same review posted on the blog months earlier
- WWF In Your House (PS1)
- WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)
- Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)

There might be a couple more that I might have missed, but those are the announced reviews. On a side note, I've also posted a tongue-in-cheek review of Fighting Force II (Dreamcast) on the blog as part of the three-review Dreamcast Joy event that was done to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Dreamcast. More stuff will be coming soon - not necessarily Dreamcast-related, but tons of good stuff nonetheless.

In some ways, writing these game reviews and posting them on GameFAQS (yes, they'll be posted on THIS website soon - possibly before the rest of the site goes up most likely) has been a bit of a spirit-lifting exercise. When things go down, I can get this stuff done and I'll be somewhat happier - a welcome release from the drudgeries of real life regardless of how good (or bad) things are going.

FANFICTION/FICTION: I had announced a couple fics to be posted some time ago and once again, failed to deliver. In truth, I had one of them ready to go at the time, but made a conscious decision to hold off until January. I've probably mentioned this already - but my main focus is getting content ready. Not only to post immediately, but also to have a backlog of content ready in case my regular updates falter for some reason. This is where the fanfiction/fiction comes into play specifically. While I want to have regular fic updates, I also want back-up content for that particular series in case something goes wrong or I'm behind schedule. So as a result, this is purely a managerial (or something) decision and not necessarily due to laziness.

That's about it for now. Will talk later. Bye.


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