Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Missed PPVs Yields WTF Moments

So the past two weeks saw TNA and WWE have PPVs and I missed both shows... probably because I forgot about them. However, looking back at the recaps of these shows yielded some rather questionable reactions on my part.

On the Backlash show, there were four championship matches, including the John Cena Spinner Belt being defended in a six-man tag-match while John Cena himself defends the Big Gold Belt against Edge. The other two matches has ECW Champion Jack Swagger defend against Christian Cage and Intercontinental champion Santino Marella defending against Beth Phoenix, who is attempting to pull off a Chyna.

Three out of the four titles mentioned changed hands. The one champion who left the event champion... is Santino Marella. Go fucking figure.

Meanwhile, over at the TNA camp, the Lockdown PPV event - the one where every match took place in a cage because fuck you, that's why - featured the main event that saw Mick Foley - the man who supposedly wanted to retire with dignity back in 2000 - defeated The Man Called Sting to win the TNA World title... in 2009.

My brain hurts.

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