Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DTM BLOG Classics #45: Steve Shaves, Freddie Leaves

According to, actor Freddie Prinze Jr. is no longer working in WWE. For those who didn't know, Prinze was part of the Smackdown creative team under Michael Hayes since July of last year. Amazing that he even lasted that long, but the same article says that he was well liked by the company, so I don't know.

Clicking on this link from PWPIX.NET will show screencaps of a clean-shaven Stone Cold walking around a street corner or something. Yes, he looks old. That's what happens when you're old. You look old. Either that or you look like plastic.

Apparently, Stone Cold shaving his beard is such major news that it has made the headlines on Unfortunately, failed to mention that bit, as they try to avoid mentioning that Stone Cold died with the shaving of the beard or some stupid shit like that. Apparently, people will have to settle for Stunning Steve instead. Whatever.

Found this at someone's blog and thought to share them here. Can you guess all the champions in the allotted time?

Guess the IC Champions - Click hereGuess the WWE Champions - Click here
Guess the Kings of the Ring - Click here

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