Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RAW (Feb. 16th, 2009): Punts

Randy Orton beats up Shane McMahon some more, RKOs Stephanie, and brings out Trips, who's irate dammit! What a heel that Orton is... not for systematically taking down McMahons, but for bringing Triple H back on RAW.

Aw man, this show is gonna suck again, isn't it?

(2011 Update: Funny how that works. Just this past summer, there was a pretty good story surrounding CM Punk and his then-expiring contract. On the guy's last night, he beat John Cena and walked out WWE Champion. WWE had people talking about their product, which had been made relevant once again... and then they decide to bring back Triple H and put the focus on him... and indeed, the show did start sucking again to the point where I'm barely watching the current Johnny Ace era of RAW.) 

Meanwhile, Edge gloats and Cena calls for a rematch. Cryme Time loses another match. Chris Jericho beats on Piper. I generally don't care and go to bed. But seriously, this was a nothing show. I might check out the PPV replay, however.

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