Monday, February 16, 2009

DTM BLOG Classics #44: Some Quick Rasslin' Bits

I had written a nice post yesterday about the Irate Gamer's latest episode (half a review of the SNES Aladdin game and half cheesy variety show), but alas the post didn't upload. Rather than repost the whole spiel, I'll just say this:

Mr. Bores, your production is fairly impressive by YouTube standards, but your actual reviewing skills leave much to be desired. It seems obvious to me that this show of yours is becoming more and more gimmicky each time (and to be fair, some could say the same about AVGN). Your NEO episodes are fairly close to the review style that is respectable, so try applying that type of effort into your original show and I'll be happy. Thanks.

A couple other quick comments:

- WWE has signed former NWA/TNA World champion Christian (Cage) for a second stint in the company; a guy who was poised to be in the main event picture with a run-in at the Royal Rumble before things changed; a guy who has pretty much done it all and left the company because he wasn't getting the treatment he felt he deserved; a guy whose talent and drive was overlooked the first time around... and they dump him on the third-rate television show to feud with some guy named Jack Swagger, who happens to be champion on the show?

Wow... just wow. I don't know whether this is supposed to be a step up or not. Certainly not the type of return I was expecting Christian (Cage) to make. But whatever makes him happy, I guess.

- Brett Rattner, the guy responsible for three Rush Hour flicks and one shitty X-Men movie, has been tapped to bring the Image Comics comic Youngblood to the big screen. Apparently, I missed the entire demand for a Youngblood movie... what, were the rights to Doom's IV too expensive for the producers?

- Chris Jericho got into an altercation with some stupid fans who wouldn't leave him alone and ended up punching one of them after being provoked and pushed around. Kids, when wrestlers go home, LET THEM GO HOME. You have nothing to gain by being a complete douche to the other guy. If a wrestler or anyone else knocks you out, it's because you're the one being the asshole and not the other guy. Props to Jericho for standing up to the Confederacy of Dunces in Victoria, BC.

- Just to comment on the GSP Vasoline situation going on after his last fight... apparently, Vasoline is the new steroid in UFC. Wouldn't surprise me if most guys are using Vasoline. Seriously, who cares?

That's it for now. Later.

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