Sunday, January 11, 2009

DTM BLOG Classics #43: Random Wrestling Quibbles

Some random bits...

Michelle McCool is bashing on her critics again... for what purpose? I don't know... I'll link to the article on rather than her blog post on the WWE Universe thingy, because I like better.

By the way, Michelle, thanks for reminding me that you're a Diva Search reject (not that I'd bring it up). Not going to knock you for it, but it's good to know that Diva Search rejects such as yourself can still get a job at WWE, thus making the whole Diva Search experiment a complete waste of fucking time. Top notch!

Look, I'm not going to start bashing on the lady. I don't watch enough Smackdown to know what she can or can't do, so I'm not going to bash her needlessly... but the fact that she came from the Diva Search thing isn't bringing my hopes up...

Mick Foley. A couple double-DVD sets here and there.

Triple H. A two-disc set.

Ric Flair. a couple three-disc sets.

Jeff Jarrett? A single four-disc set.

Wait, what?

For some odd reason or another, TNA is prepping a four-disc set on Jeff Jarrett. The set, creatively titled "King of the Mountain", will feature some of Jarrett's better TNA matches, a career retrospective, guest commentary, and some other stuff. Maybe it'll include a reason as to why we need a four-disc set on Jeff Jarrett... just because he's the founder and all...

Oh wait...

According to Jim Ross, John Cena's FU and STFU moves have been redubbed The Throwback and STF, respectively. He then proceeds to make some snide remark about how much reaction these name changes are going to get from the "illustrious media" he likes to refer to every so often... that is, assuming said media gives a shit about what Cena calls his moves.

Seriously, though, who cares? So he's changing the moves' names... obviously catering to the younger audience the company's trying to attract. My only question is what took them so long to get it done, considering he's had that type of attention with the kids for a few years now.

Maybe you should lay off the BBQ sauce, JR. It's starting to short-circuit your brains to the point where you actually would show up on Wrestlecrap Radio as Angry Jim Ross... or something.

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