Monday, January 19, 2009

Street Fighter... EXTREME Blu-Ray edition

Just in time for the new Legend of Chun-Li flick coming out in February, Universal is also re-releasing the old Van-Damme flick next month too... but this time, it's an EXTREME edition. It's got some special features here and there... and there's some content on Street Fighter IV in there too, so there's new stuff.

So if you haven't bought the movie when it was last released on DVD, here's your chance to look back on one of the more campy films out there... and then shed a tear as you realize that this film, while not exactly top-of-the-line in the Street Fighter mythos, has way more personality and life to it than the Chun-Li flick... which looks more like a generic Hong Kong flick than a Street Fighter film... and not even a good one.

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