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Classic Bite Commentary: December 20, 2008

(2018 Update: Replaced an older post with an even older Bite commentary.)

Here's a Bite commentary on the first day of winter. Shit load of snow. Nice. So I'll keep it short, since I'll have more to say next week with the annual year in review thing. So...

So I guess congratulations are in order for Jeff Hardy, who finally won the WWE Championship at a recent WWE PPV this month. While I appreciate someone new being given the ball, I don't see this being long-term... oh sure, some people might bring up CM Punk's near miraculous World title reign that lasted a good couple months, but Punk is drug free and isn't a violation away from being fired... nor did he have any stupid shit thrown at him like being found in a hotel room unconscious, like our good friend the Rainbow-Haired Crackhead who's currently champ.

Refreshing memory for some people: some of you may recall WWE's build-up to their Survivor Series PPV last month, in which a story was posted on their website about Jeff Hardy being found unconscious and sent to a hospital. When I first read this, I thought nothing of it... especially when I first got the news from and they pretty much confirmed that the whole thing was a storyline. Eventually, Hardy showed up at the show, where he saw his spot taken by the returning Edge, who proceeded to win the championship and fuck up my prediction score card.

Apparently, some people had a problem with the way the Hardy storyline was played out, prompting former ECW mastermind Paul Heyman to write another one of his classic commentaries. This time, he calls the Hardy story tasteless and chides WWE for playing it as a "real" event when it is, in fact, not.

He makes a note to point out that the WWE website was where people learned of the death of Eddie Guerrero and the entire Benoit families - both tragic events for different reasons and both very, very real. He brings up the fact that the "wrestler found unconscious in a hotel" angle is eerily reminiscent of what happened with Guerrero and Brian Pillman - both of whom were found dead in their hotel rooms and both also very, very real. He brings up the fact that any potential advertisers will being thinking twice about investing in such "low-brow" entertainment like WWE.

Vince McMahon had often claimed that WWE and sports entertainment was comparable to movies, television shows, and other forms of entertainment. I can't agree with that assessment, because I never seen movies or television shows or other forms of entertainment use such tactics to get more people to watch their movie. If such news were to be leaked, chances are it was legit and there would be legal proceedings as to whether the film would be continued to work or even released.

Look, I thought about making a big rant about this, but you know what? I'm not. There's no point. We can all go on a tear about how much lower Vince can go. The answer is as low as he wants. But as long as Vince goes low, his slick production of a sports-entertainment show slowly erasing any semblance of a wrestling event will always be considered low-brow entertainment in a similar class to bumfights. Even MMA events have more class than McMahon's shows these days.

Speaking of low-brow entertainment, how about Canadian politics? Um yeah, I really don't want to go there right now, especially considering I just made a huge angry post some time ago about how we should stop with the frequent elections... when I'm feeling the opposite right about now... anyone who follows the hilarity will tell you all the details, but this is nothing to joke about. I've never felt so disappointed in government than I did these past few weeks when the drama unfolded. So I'm not going to dwell into this too much, because I'm depressed enough already on a lot of other issues.

Meanwhile, we have snow. Naturally, we have snow removal... if only we had GOOD snow removal. I don't care what anybody says: if we have a reputation for top-notch snow removal, then we should LIVE UP to that reputation.

So more frequent visitors of the site/blog and frequent readers of the Bite (they do exist - trust me) may remember my mentioning of a test series of video reviews for various games that I own for the sake of reviewing games. I'm still actually debating whether I should go ahead and post these, although if it really means anything, I do have a couple video reviews prepped. Nothing really special and chances are they might not see the light of day unless I really want to go with this (or if I have nothing better to post on that YouTube account). Should the need arise, I don't think footage will be much of a problem - just the means to convert the footage I already have from DVD to something usable for YouTube or these other sites, record a quick commentary, edit it, and post it. It'd be the barebones version of what other people are doing, except... yeah.

So that's it for today. Not much to say, but then I'm just drained. However, I got two weeks off, so that might "inspire" me or something.

So have a good winter season, kids. Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate and be safe.

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