Thursday, December 4, 2008

About that FC3 Thing

The above video brought to you by's Old Skool Fool

I've gotta admit. That thing looks ugly, but for what it does, I'd overlook the aestetics of the whole thing. I mean, come on. It plays NES, Super NES, and Genesis in one system. And if you have a Super Game Boy hanging around somewhere, that's FOUR different possible formats you can play on it. All things considered, it's a pretty neat little space saver.

I do have a couple minor concerns, though. One is the NES emulation and whether it'd be like all the other clone hacks (inferior sound quality, some color differences and other garbage issues) or whether it will be like the FC Twin's NES mode (accurate sound quality, some color differences, and noticable scanlines). In the case of the current Genesis/NES 2-in-1 clones and based on the few video reviews posted on these products, it seems like the NOAC is of a lower quality format. If the FC3's NOAC is based on the one that's on the FC Twin, then it might make it a bit better.

The other issue I have is the controller and this is more of a legit issue, as other video reviews of older GEN/NES clones confirmed that playing NES games with the way this thing is mapped is awkward. I can't really explain it properly without visual reference, but think of it as playing Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube... you know, with the A and B button roles reversed from what they originally did on the NES (similar to the included NES Metroid in the original Metroid Prime). Looks clearer, right?

Anyway... I'll wait and see with this one. Probably won't pick it up considering I already have a couple good clones and a perfectly functional Genesis laying around, but for those who don't, it's worth a look.

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