Sunday, November 16, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #42: Random Blurbs

A collection of really short blog posts combined into a single compilation post, covering a week's worth of stuff.

So I had picked up a Wii last week and... that's it. I picked up a Wii.

Biggest problem was getting internet to work so I can download Mega Man 9, but that problem was quickly resolved (although I have to turn off anti-virus to get the fucking WiFi connector to work).

Thoughts on the latest entry in the series will be posted as soon as I can beat the initial bosses, although I'll go on record to say that it's a tough game, but not as much as I thought it would be. I've managed to clear some of the games challenges, so it's not completely wasted.

Gamedaily has posted an interview with Randy Orton where he talks about using a Wiimote for therapy as well as bitching about his old theme song. Yeah, well, to be honest, I never liked that song either. It's actually a decent interview where there's more gaming talk than there is wrestling (hence the reason why it's under Random Stuff and not McWrestling).

For those who haven't heard, former WWE champion Brock Lesnar, in his third UFC fight, beat returning UFC champion Randy Couture to win the title last night on the UFC91 pay-per-view. I gotta wonder what's going through the minds of most people when they saw a fake rassler beat the UFC's top dog, much less a guy who was in his third match with the company. And they say wrestling blows the build-ups to the big matches.

Before anyone blows a fuse... I am aware of Brock's amateur wrestling background and the various championships he won in that sport... just as I am equally aware of his brief K-1 career (1 match - a victory over someone I don't know) and his even briefer tenure on the practice squad of the Minnesota Vikings.

So congratulations, Brock. Piss on Vince for me... just once.

Ted Dibiase, son of Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, is currently on hiatus because (according to he's currently working on a sequel to John Cena's action-packed thriller, The Marine. Unlike the first film featuring Cena, The Marine 2 will follow the time-honored tradition of following a theatrical release with a straight-to-video sequel... not quite priceless, I must say.

Quick thoughts on a couple trailers:

Star Trek - I'll be honest with you; watching the trailer for the first time, my initial reaction was that it looks like it won't suck... but after a second look, it seems like it'll be a good film, well done, and possibly respectable to the source material. Look, I'm not going to bitch that the movie will blow or bellow that the movie will rock; I'm mostly at the "let's wait and see" phase of things, which is pretty much the best state you can be for a movie like this... so let's wait and see before passing judgment.

The Wrestler - Someone had posted a link to the trailer on his site and I saw it there. Having heard about this movie for some time, I thought I check it out (the trailer, I mean) and I thought, "Hey, this could be pretty good." While past movies based on pro-wrestling have been high on the cheese (No Holds Barred, Ready To Rumble, I'm talking to you), this movie looks like it'll take the subject matter seriously and isn't going to be a half-ass parody. I'm genuinely looking forward to this.

Finally, this past week saw the conclusion of the Power Rangers Jungle Fury series And I have yet to see one episode. Boo hoo, right?

What I didn't know... or supposedly don't recall knowing... is that this is Bruce Kalish's final season on Power Rangers. If that's the case... good. Hopefully, the next guy running things will do a far better job than what we've been getting these past few years.

Oh... I guess I'll check out the finale or something.

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