Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congrats to Obama

A rare political post... don't get used to these, because I'm not putting them up often.

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning what many considered to be the most important election in American history. In a couple months (and I must stress a couple months), he'll be inaugurated and be the first African-American to be president since... ever. Now why can't people say that? People blindly and stupidly refer to the guy as the first black president, when in fact he's only half-black.

Don't believe for a second that Obama's win will bring about immediate change. Any plan that comes to fruition takes time to have any affect and even so, you still have two more months of Dubya to endure.

In any case, I feel bad for John McCain. Don't get me wrong; I don't agree on some of his ideas, I do believe that McCain would continue Bush's wars and even start off some of his own just for kicks, and I cringe at the thought of the most clueless woman being one step away from the most powerful seat in the US, but even so, had he been running against, say, Hilary, he might have had a sporting chance and some of his ideas might actually be different from Bush's. But against a heavy favorite like Obama, he virtually had no chance.

That... and the endorsement from Dubya pretty much killed off his chances.

So, congrats to Obama. Better luck next time to McCain. Go back to Alaska, Sarah Palin.

So I guess Tina Fey needs something else to do right about now...

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