Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #41: Better Acting, 1 Year Older Pinky, and A Reminder

According to any wrestling news site worth reading, Vince McMahon has been talking about his wrestlers needing to be better actors. The idea is that WWE programming should have the same top-notch acting as a regular television show.

Only problem with this scenario is that wrestlers aren't good actors... if they were, every film WWE has churned out would have been a success. Let's be honest here - not everyone can Dwayne Johnson, who was the only wrestler to be a good actor... and look where he ended up. Maybe if the wrestler becomes a good actor, he might actually want to act in a better show...

Might want to reconsider that better actor thing, Vince. Aim a little lower... try convincing wrestlers they should be better than Santa With Muscles or Mr. Nanny, but not much farther than that and you'll be OK.

Speaking of better acting, Pinkie turned 30 some time ago and so I offer belated birthday wishes.

Finally, I'd like to offer a friendly reminder to all those modern gaming console owners to head on over to their digital shop of choice and pick up 9... because 140,000+ clearly isn't a big enough sales number. It is a nice throwback to the days when video games were awesome, except it's made today and that's fun.

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