Friday, October 24, 2008

Midway Fighting For Its life

Midway is undergoing ecomonic problems... and considering the current happenings on the stock side of things, who isn't? According to this piece, Midway is pretty much in dire straights, as they had to cancel a couple projects based on licensed properties and the properties that they didn't cancel (such as TNA Impact) hasn't sold as well as they would have liked. Right now, they're hoping that the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game will be their saving grace.

Could this upcoming MK game have a chance of turning Midway's fortunes around? I'll admit that I'm a bit skeptical as to one game making all the difference, especially a game that is part of a franchise known for its excessively violent video games. However, considering the game also features DC heroes such as Superman, as well as a Teen rating for less bloody but still intense action, the possibility might be that the game could make Midway a lot of money. However, it can't be the only game to do this feat. It takes more than that.

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