Sunday, September 28, 2008

TMNT on NES... Still A Good Game Despite Nerd Boy

I just ended an hour of TMNT on the NES, somehow managing to beat the game without dying despite the fact that I haven't played the game in years... and I mean, really play the game, not just "play for a few minutes, relish in the old memories, and then off to the shelf you go." This was a good ol' romp through childhood lane.

Some minor thoughts while playing through this game:

- AVGN complained about the pizza in the building (in Area 01) and how it takes much effort to get there. The solution is pretty simple: you see the fucking pizza on the first screen... THE FIRST FUCKING SCREEN. If you actually believe fighting your way through enemies for a pizza is worth, go right ahead and get it, but don't bitch to me when you do get it and leave the building with one red block left in your life meter.

- The "infamous" underwater level... I actually managed to make it through the whole level without switching turtles. Mind you, ol' Raph nearly bit the bullet, but I found the level to be actually easier than I thought.

- Splinter tells you to get to the blimp so you can chase the helicopter, but I always wondered how they would find the helicopter after having gone through several extraniously difficult passages. More to the point, I'd like to know exactly how the Turtles uncovered the secret Foot camp (the fifth area).

- Somehow, I managed to find the Technodrome on the first shot. I guess I jumped the gun a bit, so allow me to explain. In the fifth are, you have to search three underground caverns for the Technodrome. Only one path leads you to the monstrous tank, while the other two paths are dead ends. Back in the day, the Technodrome would be found in the hardest of these paths, but today I just took the easiest path and boom - there it was... completely by accident.

- The final area... somehow I survived this area despite being ill-prepared for this. Actually, the flying white dudes didn't seem as frustrating now as they did back in the day. Either I'm getting better or they're getting sloppy... probably the latter.

- Scrolls are your friend. Embrace them and DON'T LOSE THEM!

All in all, an enjoyable experience nonetheless and a difficult game conquered. Overall, I still say that this is a good game, regardless of what the almighty NERD says...

Now TMNT2: The Arcade Game? That's a Cowa-Fucking-Piece-Of-Dog-Shit. I'll stick with the original arcade version on MAME or on the TMNT2: Battle Nexus game.

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The ending rocks too.

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