Sunday, September 14, 2008

Splash has what now?

As some people may have noticed, the Rockman 9 OST has been released - brief snippets can be found on the net (it sounds good). Some scans of the booklet revealing the bosses have surfaced and naturally, the Japanese text was translated for us stupid North Americans. Nothing particularly special (although the new bosses look both awesome and weird at the same time), but then you read Splash Woman's description, which goes something like this...

A robot who performs rescue work in situations such as sinking ships and people in oceans. Her special weapon is the Laser Trident. It fires a laser that has penetration ability.

Okay, so Splash Woman's weapon has penetration abilities. Yes, that sounds just about right... yeah.

Um... right.

Very unsettling.

(2019 Update: The Laser Trident can penetrate shields, which makes it useful for enemies that have shields. It's actually pretty useful despite its somewhat unfortunate descriptor.)

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