Tuesday, August 5, 2008

RAW (Aug. 4th, 2008): An Adamle Original - A Sh!t Show

Some quick notes:

- Looks like Mike Adamle is going to be one of those paper GMs with no personality whatsoever. Man, I have never seen anyone bore me faster than this guy... even Triple H seems exciting in comparison.

- Please fire Layla. Nothing against the girl, but if all she does is dance (badly) and be a MacGuffin for Jamie Noble to do stupid stuff, then it's time to dump her. And poor Regal is stuck in the middle of this mess.

- So we now have a Summerslam World Title match and it's a match we've already seen on free TV. Seriously, what was the point?

- Cena and Batista are the new World Tag Team champions. Further proof that WWE simply does not care about their tag titles. Absolutely painful to watch... almost as bad as watching Cena be WWE champion.

Well, that was well worth sleeping early.

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