Friday, August 1, 2008

EGOTISM - The New Credo

The Old Credo is just that - old. While it once represented my own beliefs and thoughts for the time it was written, it was also written incoherently and was intended to be a joke - plain and simple. The NEW Credo - the piece of exciting work featured below - expresses my beliefs and thoughts TODAY. Like the Old Credo, this is written mostly as a joke. But some of these things bare some truth about my feelings - how much is something I won't reveal... because that would be pretty stupid of me.

Twenty-four years ago, I was given life.

During the twenty-four years of livelihood, I have often wonder why.

Answers practically escape my sight.

Maybe they're scared of me or something.

Who knows?

Who cares?

Mistakes have been done.

But have they been learned from?

History is often repeated for stupid reasons

Is learning from it going to solve anything?

These questions tend to pop up in one form or another.

The answers... they draw a total blank.

For what seems like transcending time and space

Is actually transcending internal organs.

It's not pretty.

We've tried to run this phase properly.

But we keep screwing it up.

Let people dictate our actions when they don't know better.

What kind of idiots are we to let that past our radars?


Two choices in life exist: straight ahead or down under.

If you can tell the two apart, you're a genius.

If you can't, shoot yourself and you will know.

If you don't know then, you deserve to be in limbo.

Live life as a winner

A loser

A cripple

A lowlife

A moron

A zombie

A warrior

An insignificant

Anything that meets your fancy

That's the straight ahead part.

Killing yourself

Ending your existence

Praying for a life-threatening disease

Suicidal tendencies.

That's the down under part.

Which one's the fun part?

Which choice is the right one?

That's up to you.

That's up to me.

That's up to anyone who makes the choice.

Most of all, that's up to the Man

For when the time comes



Day and night.

Black and white.

Light and dark.

High and low.

Left and right.

Up and down.

Opposites attract?

Not really.

It's called the middle ground.

Something that doesn't always exists.

You have to MAKE IT EXIST

How you do it is your decision.

Don't come to me.

I don't care what you decide.

Quite frankly, I could care less if you do decide.

I have my OWN problems.

None of which are your ultimate concern.

Although I hate high places

That much is a given


People are, by nature, stupid

They don't know any better

People learn to be smart

They are not born smart

They are born stupid

If people were born smart, kids wouldn't be annoying

They wouldn't be foolish

They wouldn't be stupid

But that's okay.

Kids will learn to be smart.

They have to.

The world has enough stupid people as it is.

We don't need anymore.


Life is like Space Invaders

Bare with me. It's the truth.

In Space Invaders, you shoot aliens to delay the inevitable.

In life, you overcome life's stupidities to delay the inevitable.






Actually, no.

I can't.


That's the credo.

Take it for what it's worth.

'Tis all.

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