Sunday, August 3, 2008

DVD Reviews - Police Squad (Series Set)

Before there was the Naked Gun trilogy of movies (with missing sequels and all), there was the short-lived Police Squad television series. Released back in the early eighties, Police Squad was cancelled because the networks were afraid of a show that people actually had to watch. Hearing that makes me wondering what the point of television was if you didn’t have to watch it. Maybe all those classic shows are classic because you didn’t have to watch them. It just boggles my mind.

What doesn’t boggle my mind is that Police Squad is a pretty decent show and it’s such a travesty that the show was cancelled for such stupidities on the network’s part. The show is essentially a parody of all the other cop shows of the times, making fun of the obvious cliches and gimmicks that are used in those shows. A number of these gags would eventually be recycled in the later Naked Gun flicks, but that sort of adds to the enjoyment of the show. So yeah, you do have to watch the show to appreciate what it has to offer.

Although the show only lasted six episodes, it’s still a good way to kill three hours. Chances are if you liked the Naked Gun flicks and never got the chance to see the show that inspired it, you’ll probably like Police Squad too. The DVD extras aren’t all that special, but they’re serviceable and not necessary worthless. Recommended.

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