Sunday, August 31, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #39: The 1000th Post Of DTM BLOG

(2019 Update: This was the "historic" 1000th post on the original DTM Blog, which felt like a monumental occasion before the number felt meaningless in the long run, such as being part of a new blog where it sits far lower on that count. I decided to dedicate the post to what was at the time a substantial acquisition or two in the collection, as the banner above would indicate.)

1000th post... Go fucking figure.

Two significant things happened in regards to my small but growing gaming library. Not so much significant to you, but significant to me. Which is probably the reason why I decided to use this monumental 1000th Blog Post to bring it up... that and I had nothing really major planned and just wanted any excuse to promote something as "big".

1) August 29th saw me pick up a copy of Mega Man 5 for the NES. Yeah, some people will say that it's one of the weaker titles in the Mega Man library, but it's still a fairly good game in its own right - and it DID introduce Beat the Bird, who is in its best form in this game, unlike in Mega Man 7 where all he does is saves you from pits after freeing him from his cage and then you have to pay for extra tokens if you want him to save you from pits again - ungreatful capitalist bird bastard. The big deal with this one purchase is that the circle of NES Mega Man games is now complete, as I now own all six titles - one of several obsessive goals I've had ever since I got back into the groove of retro gaming with the purchase of the FC Twin back in October 2007. So in the broader sense of the mainstream Classic series (not counting the handhelds or spin-offs) - with the PS1 Mega Man 8 also in my possession, all that's left now is the SNES Mega Man 7 and possibly the GBA Megaman & Bass... and maybe, just maybe I'll save up for a next-gen console so I can have me some Mega Man 9. That'll be awhile.

2) August 30th saw me pick up a Sega Dreamcast. I can now call myself one of the few (hundred something) gamers to lay claim to all four major consoles of the Sixth Generation... you know, the one with the Gamecube, Playstation-2, and X-Box original. The deal was actually not that bad, as it came with a Dreamcast, two controllers, a third-party Memory Card (no LCD screen on this one), and six games. No Sonic Adventure in the set - which is fine because I have it on Gamecube and play it even less there... Sorry, guys. It may be the best of the 3D Sonics, but I just can't get into it, but I digress - there's a football game I don't care about - I was remotely interested by the included NBA 2K box, but it was empty - but at least I have a copy of WWF Royal Rumble I can call my own. I might even get used to the bloated controller. Pretty sweet deal, I suppose.

So five years (not quite) and 1000 posts later... I'm still here. I'm still gainfully employed, I'm still relatively healthy as long as I stay away from anything made by Maple Leaf for the foreseeable future, I'm still watching movies, I'm still playing games, and perhaps most of all, I'm still satisfied with how things turned out. Could things be a bit different? Maybe, maybe not. But I've long since given up on dwelling on what could have been and taking advantage of what I got now... even if it seems little by most people's standard.

At the same time, there comes a time when I have to get off the Lakitu cloud I've been floating for the past few years and grow up. The time will come when I have to look at the big picture and set up bigger personal goals for myself instead of just materialistic ones. I have to go for truly important choices and not just the ones that make me happy now. When that magical time comes, I'll let you know... but for now, I'm going for a walk outside... or at least a drive to Wal-Mart and pick up some BBQ sauce.

So for the few who have been following this blog, for the few who has stopped by for a quick look and left promptly after, for the few who remotely cared, I want to say thanks for being here. It means a lot... no, really. It does.

I'll be back soon. See ya.

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