Monday, August 4, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #38: Quick Shots

Some quick blog posts compiled into one...

So I haven't commented enough on the decision to make Mike Adamle the GM of RAW. Truth be known, I think this is a terrible idea to make him the head of a company because god knows they're just going to have him name matches and change them midway because he actually meant something else. However, as Eric Bischoff suggested in a recent blog post, let's wait and see what this guy offers. Perhaps being GM is more up Adamle's alley and we don't have to see him or hear him as often as we would have when he was mangling the commentary behind the mic. I mean, they made Coach a character and look where that went...

Okay, bad example.

On the bright side, CM Punk is still World Heavyweight Champion. So there's at least some silver lining in all this.

According to most wrestling sites and rating places, WWE's one-hour Saturday Night Main Event special, featuring such exciting matches as Jenny McCarthy fighting Autism by talking, fell in last place in terms of ratings and viewership. Man, there used to be a time when SNME was a big deal, but now it's just anoher throwaway show nobody gives a shit about.

So I saw the first few eps of Flashpoint, that new CTV/CBS cop show and I actually enjoyed some of it. It's not as boring or as sleep-inducing as the other shows and it's actually a nice breath of fresh air. Also, it has a preggers AJ in there (although she doesn't have a big bump just yet). Overally, nice show. Catch it if you can.

So apparently, there's an incompatibility snafu with my FC Twin. Certain Mindscape titles (such as Captain Planet and The Last Starfighter) won't recognize any of my button inputs. However, this is apparently not a problem on my Factor 5 unit... so I don't know.

Useless information if there ever was it...

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