Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Madden-ing Repetition And A Datel Dartel... What?

So Madden '09 came out yesterday and apparently, I'm supposed to care.

Let me recap something here. I'm not a big football guy and therefore don't get crazy over the latest Madden game a.k.a. the Same Fucking Game You Bought Last Year But With New Rosters That Could Have All Been Done on DLC You Greedy Madden Felating Corporate Fuck Hacks (thanks, MovieBob). For that matter, I'm not a big sports guy and don't get crazy over the latest sports title EA manages to recycle from six years ago and releases it as a brand-spanking new title.

I got a couple sports games at best from 2003 and they seem fine for my tastes, but besides that, what's the point? Isn't it a bit excessive to fork fifty bucks over for a game that is not only a mere rehash of a game chances are you already have, but is based on a game that you can easily go outside and play for real? Would you really rather play hockey on a TV screen or out doors where you can get a real workout and play the real deal?

In other news, having recently bought a Datel Games 'N Music cart, I wanted to see if I can get homebrew software to work. I found a neat package that contained a program called DS Organizer, which was a file sorting system of sorts. Okay, so that works and after fiddling through the special package I downloaded (which contained the DSO along with several other homebrews and emulators), I discovered that I can do little text files. Assuming these files can be ported to PC with no problem, I might use this to write stuff on the road during subway/metro trips. I'll get back to you on that...

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