Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RAW (July 14th, 2008): Why, yes. I did try the Pepsi machine. He wasn'tthere, either.

Shane and Stephanie plea one last time for order to be maintained or else actions will be taken. Oh God, don't tell me you're bringing Triple H back to RAW. The show's actually starting to get good.

(2011 Update: Why is that whenever the idea of HHH coming back is entertained in some fashion, I automatically assume the show is going suck as a result? It can't be a coincidence.)

Actually, I don't have much to comment on. I had a really bad case of indigestion last night that prevented me from paying full attention to the show, but at least the show wasn't boring. I don't like Punk's chances of walking out of GAB as champion, though.

Another attempt at making Kane an interesting character... yeah, this is going to go over well. Let's face it: Kane was at his best when he was wearing a mask. Now he's like a second-rate Undertaker.

Finally, John Cena gets run over by a car. If only this were to lead to a nine-month leave of absence like it did that other fellow...

Overall, decent RAW. Not amazing, but still decent.

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