Friday, June 6, 2008

The Power Of Pro Wrestling Illustrated (And The Bite) Compels You!

So I am currently working to restore the 2003 Bite commentaries to the archive and I came across this tidbit from the January 15th, 2003 edition of the Bite.

I've purchased the March 2003 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. One particular piece in it is called Talkin' Trash. Supposedly, they take the ten most talked-about things in wrestling and sum up their gut reaction. For the first time ever, I'll put three of those topics here and follow it up with my own brief comment.

PWI states: Yeah, that's exactly what we need, a third half-assed brand under the WWE banner.
Dave Says: If Vince McMahon mentions a possibility of bringing back ECW, there's an even better possibility he's full of shit. Remember all that talk about bringing back WCW in June 2001 before the Invasion crap?

Five years later and what do we have? A half-assed brand under the WWE banner that happens to bare the ECW initials but has nothing to do with the original ECW product, thus not bringing back anything and proving that Vince was indeed full of shit.

Bow, puny fools. Bow before me... and PWI.

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