Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RAW (June 23rd, 2008): Draft Thoughts And... Yeah.

What was that thing people keep saying? Nothing ever happens during a WWE Draft?

Epic stuff going on, as this draft seemed to have made some actual hard changes.

Rey Mysterio (SD) heads to RAW
Okay, Rey Rey to RAW doesn't sound so bad. It means he'll be a jumping bean on the HHH show instead of the Mark Henry show. Next.

Jeff Hardy (RAW) heads to SmackDown
So the Hardys are back together. Big deal. Hopefully, this reunion won't last long.

CM Punk (ECW) heads to RAW
Oh gee, wow. Didn't see that one coming. You know what else I didn't see coming? The fact that we're having yet another Edge/John Cena match... which means that yes, I did see it coming.

Matt Hardy (SD) to ECW
So much for that reunion. Hey, remember the last time a major star was drafted to ECW? He didn't really last that long, did he? I wonder what happened to... oh wait, right. Well, at least Matt isn't married and doesn't have any kids. I wonder...

Jim Ross (RAW) to SmackDown, Michael Cole (SD) to RAW
YES! YES! Jim Ross is gone from RAW! Yes! Cole goes to RAW while JR goes to Smackdown! Yes! Now we get to here Cole's fine commentary skills at work while JR brags with Mick Foley... seriously, this is a very good move that will hopefully freshen up the commentary scene of these shows.

Batista (SD) to RAW
Wow. Everyone else is getting the shaft here. At least Edge will have other people to feud with... like the Undertak... oh wait, he's "banished" or something. Well, what about Jim Ross? Yeah, he could feud with Jim Ross... right. Next.

Umaga (RAW) to SD
Pretty much everyone saw this coming... no big surprise.

Kane (ECW) to RAW
Wow. ECW really is getting the shaft. No world champ? Really?

Mr. Kennedy (RAW) to SD
Unfortunately, we can't bring Tony Chimmel back to SD so we can relive those classic mocking moments from when Mr. Kennedy was original and funny.

Triple H (RAW) to SD
Um... Yay?

So that's about it really. No more million dollar contests after tonight.

Vince's accident = EPIC FAIL

Good night.

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