Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #37: TNA Beats ECW (Yay?) & Pinky

I'm headed back to work. For those wondering why I had a day off yesterday, it was St-Jean Baptiste day... otherwise known as the Quebec National Holiday. To me, it's just a day off and not a national holiday of any sort... primarily because it's a political move to promote Quebec sovereignty, which I don't agree with because we barely function as a province and chances are the supposed "nation" would be an unmitigated failure on its own.

So I'll be looking forward to Canada Day... a real national holiday. Unfortunately, I work on that day... but I stay home the Monday before...

Ah, what do I care? All I ever do during the day is stay home and catch up on my DVDs. Most of the shops and shit are closed anyway, so what's the point?

According to, TNA scored a 1.03 rating while ECW scored a 0.99. For some reason, this gave TNA cause to celebrate. Now I don't know about you, but I'd save my celebrations for when my show breaks the 1.2 rating barrier, which I don't believe TNA has done (or will do for that matter if they continue onward with their current mess of storylines).

According to a message board, Amy Jo Johnson (she of the original pink tights in that kids show using Japanese stock footage and she of that Felicity show) is expecting a child sometime late-fall. Eventually, she'll be married to... whoever banged her up. Congrats, AJ.

Sadly, people are mourning that a Jason/Amy relationship is unlikely... most like because JASON IS MARRIED.

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