Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daily Destin... The New Screwattack Guy... Meh...

So there have been some ruckus on the Gametrailer forums regarding the newest Screwattackee, Daily Destin. Destin is the current host of SA's weekdaily Hard News show, which he actually does a good job at. The source of the hatred towards him, however, stems from his video game vaults. People there are brutal by his performances and have said everything negative that can be said about a person.

So what do I think of the new guy?

I think that Destin should stick with Hard News. While I don't think he did badly on the few Vaults that he did do, I don't believe he should be thrust into a high position this soon. He did write a couple Vaults and maybe he should stick with that.

Having said that, I'm willing to give Destin a chance. I am not ready to outright accept him as a second voice to the VGVs - considering the guy he's replacing did such a smooth job of them - but perhaps as he grows into the role and becomes a counter to Craig's goofiness, I'll be a little more lenient.

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