Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warrior Returns To Wrestling Wearing Suspenders

(2019 Update: Amazed that the video link still works. And so here it is in an embedded format.)

Warrior made his return to a wrestling ring some time ago at a NWE event in Europe. When Orlando Jordan shows up to heckle a young fan, Warrior beats the crap out of him in vintage Ultimate-style. He does his usual shtick (shaking on the wobbly ropes, pounding his chest like a madman) and gets a decently good reaction.

Looks like he hasn't lost a beat. Not that what he did required much of a beat to lose, but whatever.

There's two trains of thought in this: the longtime fan who grew up watching the Warrior will get a kick out of his long awaited return - and I mean that sincerely, since Warrior's last stint in wrestling was less than a decade ago. And the guy who didn't watch the Warrior, haven't heard of the Warrior, or even care for the Warrior will be asking "Who the fuck is this guy? And why is he ripping off Batista?"

And then there's the other train of thought that remembers his speeches... the less said, the better. In any event, who cares? I've embedded the video for the rest of us to share in the experience.

Welcome back, Warrior.

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