Saturday, April 19, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #36: Mike Adamle

After watching ECW, I've come to the conclusion that Mike Adama... er, whatever - is generally bland and boring. It seems to me that the wrestling fans are pissed because they replaced Joey Styles with a guy who constantly screws up lines, but the way I saw it, ol' Mike has nothing remotely redeeming to offer other than he screw ups. Even when he did fuck up Jeff Hardy's name at the Royal Rumble, I didn't think he was anything special nor would he last long.

So he's got a regular gig at ECW, a wrestling show that almost nobody watches... almost as much people watching TNA Impact as they continue to announce new innovative directions and still manage to secure the same 1.2 rating from when they first started. According to Paul Heyman, the reason behind this move is because Vince is so convinced that people hate Adamale (again, whatever) that he is banking on the fact people will watch ECW so see what Mike will screw up next.

It's sort of like that Britney Spears situation. People are somehow fascinated on the trainwreck of the singer's life as of late that they'll buy tabloids to see what and how she fucks up her life next. While I'm sure that kind of audience exists - and no doubt scientists around the world are trying to figure why this kind of moronic audience exists - I sure as hell don't give two shits about Britney Spears or her personal mindfuck of a life (and I've made it quite clear in the Bite) and so I sure as hell don't give two shits about how Mike Adamama (who cares?) fucks up his lines. After all, I sat through Tony Schiavone and his ability to falsely advertise every night as being "the single greatest night in the history of our sport."

One thing is certain - as dull and incompetent as Mikey is on the mic, he's still remotely better than Vince McMahon on the mic. That guy was fucking awful - who made the decision to give that idiot an announcing gig?

Oh yeah...

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