Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Impressions - Playstation Portable (PSP-2000)

So a couple days ago, I picked up a PSP... the POP Station rip-off console.

I kid, of course.

In all seriousness, I picked up the Star Wars edition PSP, which is the white Darth Vader-engraved PSP handheld that comes with a copy of the Star Wars Battlefront game. I've also picked up a copy of Dracula X Chronicles along with a Memory Stick to save all my crap in. I think it's crap that I have to buy a separate memory stick when it should be included in the package, but that's a fault that has been evident with most consoles requiring memory units, but I digress.

After giving it a couple days, I don't think the PSP is such a bad system. The game selection might be a bit icky, but the system is fairly functional and seems to have a lot of stuff it's capable of. The D-Pad and controls seem to be functional, they feel fairly good in the hands, I actually don't feel awkward playing a system with Darth Vader's mug on it in public while riding the metro, so that's a plus. The analog stick is rather strange - at first glance, I thought it was a button or extra padding - but it works, so no complaints. Haven't gotten the network function to work, but I'm not really a big network guy anyway, so that's alright.

All in all, not bad, really. My main problem right now is finding some decent games for the console, but that's another story...

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