Saturday, February 2, 2008

DTM BLOG Classics #34: The Weather And Other Stories

The string of bad weather began this past Wednesday, which started off nicely with some rain and wind (yeah right) and then when I get out of work, everything is frozen over and windier. Only the roads were ice-free, but the sidewalks were death-traps waiting to happen.

Thursday saw milder temperatures offset by cold winds and more rain on Friday. Today was alright as far as road conditions are concerned. Most of the ice is long gone, even if the snow isn't and I don't have to worry about slipping and falling on my ass when I take a walk. I even managed a morning drive which ended up being a good worthwhile trip, indeed.

Let's see if I can say the same for the downtown road conditions.

In any event, managed a few purchases to the library, including SNES Raiden, Super Turrican, Street Fighter II Turbo, NES Mega Man 4, and GB Belmont's Revenge. Good clean retro fun that will undoubtedly keep me entertained for hours or until I get bored, whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, I got about a few PS2 and Original X-Box games that I've had for months... and have yet to play. Imagine what that would be like for the next-gen consoles. Figure it out. Please.

So I'm watching the Warrior DVD that WWE put out (because I have nothing better to do and since it has the Warrior on it, it's bound to be a classic for a variety of reasons) and I'm at the part where they're talking about his third WWF stint. During this section, they show a poster of a house show in July which they advertise a Warrior vs. Vader main event. Funny thing is that they bill it as a WWF title match and Warrior's the champ. And you know it's kinda funny because last I recall, Shawn Michaels was the WWF champion.

Man, it's one thing to rewrite history or depict past events in a certain light, but to go out and outright alter an event poster (and doing a piss poor job of it) so they could claim he missed that show among others? Wow. Just sad, really. Nothing better to do, do you, guys?

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