Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RAW (Jan. 21, 2008): Now In Pretentious HD

Last night, WWE made the leap to high-definition filming for all their programming, with RAW being the first show of this new technological advance. Great for some people who have HD televisions, noteworthy for those who don't... but otherwise, I can't comment on the quality of the video since I still have an old TV and the differences are negligible.

Now, the show on the other hand... heh. That's another story.

- The new RAW set looks amazing, almost giving it the scope of a Wrestlemania set-up. They've certainly brought it a step up in making it stand out. Almost makes me wonder if they'll be using the same set-up for their other two shows.

- HHH finally enters the Rumble. As if you didn't see that happen.

- A handshake is the main angle of the night? Are you kidding me? I went to bed after the HHH match anyway, but I heard that it didn't happen. Big surprise there.

To be quite honest, I've pretty much zoned out of this show last night, switching between this, a Ring of Honor show, and playing Mega Man on my FC Twin. From what I can tell, RAW was a decent show, but not necessarily a must-see.

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