Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quick Thoughts On Royal Rumble 2008

I guess if you try hard enough, you'd eventually make it back to the wrestling ring one more time and reclaim your own title. In that respect, welcome back, Michael Buffer.

Oh yeah, Cena's back too.

So I bought the Royal Rumble this past weekend. Makes sense since I have the anthology set... it's sort of like Pokemon; gotta catch 'em all or something. So anyway, for those of you who missed the show, here's what happened, along with some thoughts.

- Ric Flair defeated Montel Vontavious Porter via figure-four leglock in a fairly decent match. Nothing too special, but nothing boring either.

- JBL beats Chris Jericho via DQ after Jericho attempts to choke ol' Bradshaw out with a TV cable or something. Again, nothing too special, but the ending was fairly interesting even for a cop-out.

- World champion Edge defeated Rey Mysterio after Mysterio 619'ed Eddie's widow, Vicki, which allowed Edge to spear Rey-Rey in mid-air. It was a good match, but again, it wasn't anything that hasn't been done before. Could have been better without the outside interference or extra crap, but still fine.

- WWE champion Randy Orton beat Jeff Harvey... er, I mean, Hardy with an RKO. This one actually surprised me a bit as I found myself enjoying the match, which is surprising because I am almost incapable of enjoying a Randy Orton match by any means. It's too bad Jeff didn't win the match or the title, because it would have been nice to see a fresh new face in the main event scene.

- Nice touch to have Michael Buffer do ring announcing for the main event... he even rips off DX's shtick (sp).

- I found the actual Rumble match to go by way too fast. Oftentimes I wonder if the actual wait period between entries was less than the ninety seconds they announced. But it didn't matter. It was a good, solid Rumble with a good pace and a hot ending. Yeah, John Worthless won the thing, but it was actually a shocker of an ending when you've been hearing the stories of how he was supposed to be out for a year or something. Kudos to WWE for a shock... now somebody please give Cena another injury so we can send him back to the shelf. Please...

All in all, a good show. Nothing particularly special, but still worth picking up the DVD. Recommended.

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