Monday, September 10, 2007

DTM BLOG Classics #33: WWE Signature Pharms

Comprising a collection of posts regarding the WWE/Signature Pharmacy controversy that took place during this time. The next Bite commentary will touch on this a bit further, but for now, here's a compilation of posts for posterity.

Anyone who has been to WWE's website this past Labour Day weekend will note that on the recent spring of ECW tapings, CM Punk defeated John Morrison to win the ECW Championship... because apparently, he's not good enough to win the title at a PPV of any kind, but is good enough to win the title because the previous champion was found to be associated with a pharmacy that sells steroids and shit.

Now I haven't really touched on what's been going on with the whole Congressional dealings in wrestling since the whole mess started months ago... nor have I touched on the whole Chris Benoit double murder/suicide since it happened back in June. Now right now, I don't believe I'm ready to discuss my feelings on all this... heck, at this point, I'm practically numb by the whole experience anyway, so I can't tell you exact what I think.

I will say this though. The ECW title match won't be the only title to change hands and there will be quite a few wrestlers who will be gone for some time because of this list of names.

And then RAW came along... and well:

- Poor Umaga. First he loses his belt to Jeff Hardy in the most flukish of manners and then he suffers a horrific beating at the hands of the H-man. On the other hand, shame on him for buying signature drugs.

- Poor William Regal. Despite being mildly entertaining with his game show rip-offs, his booking of an unnecessary rematch prompted a beating from John Worthless. For more footage of how useless John Worthless is, click here.

- Poor Santino Marella. Got caned by the Sandman...

- Poor Ken Kennedy. He's not the son of McMahon anymore. If only he stayed away from signature drugs.

For the past few months ever since the whole discussion with steroids and murder/suicides broke out, several WWE superstars have expressed how the company's Wellness Policy had helped them stay clean or how they never took any drugs. Some time later, a drug bust investigation revealed that some of these same names were customers to a supplier of these enhancement drugs. Even after this discovery... even after WWE suspends a number of talent involved with this scandal, there are those within WWE who decide to the defend the company's Policy despite its failure.

Note to any WWE superstar doing media appearances, just avoid the issue. Anything coming out of your mouth is considered bullshit at this point when it comes to this issue. When a company dismisses brain test results as a father's vain attempt to make sense of why his son did what he did, it basically takes all credibility away from that organization. When a company's drug policy fails to uncover what a district attorney did, it basically takes all credibility away from the company's actions.

Now I'm not a guy who will let what happens outside the product to interfere with my enjoyment of it (only the crappy product and presentation will do that and even that has to be a miracle to happen). Just don't expect me to believe what your stars have to say anymore.

Sandman is gone from WWE. And apparently, impending rumors abound that both Ric Flair and Booker T (known these days as ALL HAIL KING BOOKER) have quit WWE. Whether there's truth to these rumors is not known to this blog, but we all anxiously await the day Cena quits so a good champion can take the reigns.

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