Monday, August 13, 2007

The TNA in TNA Wrestling stands for "Transparent Numbingly Awful"booking

So last night, at TNA's Hard Justice PPV, TNA World champion Kurt Angle defeated X-Division/Tag Team champ Samoa Joe to win all the TNA Titles. This happened due to Angle's wife pulling a swerve on Joe that was so predictable you had to be a total idiot not to see it coming.

What happened to being the wrestling alternative? The thing that was DIFFERENT from WWE, not copying the same bullshit. Instead, we've got a bunch of stupid storylines for the sake of being stupid. WWE's storylines tend to be pretty moronic as well, but at least they end up producing entertaining matches even at the expense of young, fresh talent. Instead, TNA is slowly becoming a second coming of WCW. I mean, it absolutely boggles the mind how progressively bad they're becoming.

All that talent and they have to push this shit down our throats? That's just sad.

Then I watch their TNA Today Youtube show which took place at the tail end of their shitty PPV and you have Mike Tenay and Don West complimenting Kurt Angle on his wonderful swerve, suckering everyone into almost feeling sorry for you. Congratulations, guys. I never thought it possible, but you've won idiots of the year award... and the year's not even over yet!

No wonder - Mike Tenay isn't wearing his signature bow tie. Probably got released from its contractual obligations.

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