Tuesday, August 7, 2007

RAW (Aug. 6th, 2007) - Ruh... ruh... aw... blargh!

So after RAW's glitchy abysmal rating, Mr. McMahon strikes back by announcing that he did fake his death... to hide any evidence of his rejuvinative powers. So what happens? William Regal wins a battle royal to become RAW General Manager. Well, it took them a year and a half, but RAW finally has a general manager.

Carlito's Cabana becomes Cena's Cabana. Holy Crap, this is a good reason why Cena doesn't have a Cabana.

The Dating Game with Jim Duggans, Ron Simmons, and Santino... ugh.

Kennedy bored the shit out of me. And really... when the best promo guy on the show bores the shit out of you, it's time to rethink your show.

Last week's RAW may have scored a somewhat low rating, but at least it was a fairly watchable show. This one just reeks of crap. I'd rather watch No Holds Barred and Suburban Commando back to back to watch the rest of this putrid pile of vomit! If this is their answer to turn things around... well, keep trying guys.

Cue Ron Simmons.


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