Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RAW (Aug. 13th, 2007) - San-Tee-No Plee-Zuh Shut-Te Uppe - That's Amore

RAW at MSG - the show was admittingly better than last week and this bastard child angle is actually getting a few chuckles with Vince's indiscretions. Some quick notes:

- Stephanie McMahon speaks... okay, I take back what I said about this show being better than last week.

- So they're pushing Randy Orton as the next big threat by showing promo videos of all the legends he killed in the past few months. Yeah, I would feel threatened by a guy who's making a career out of giving bloated legends past their primes a shitty little knee to the head. But I digress. At least they're pushing Orton to be the next monster heel and hopefully he'll end Cena's reign of terror (at this point, I'll side with just about ANYBODY!)

- Poor William Regal. Got the General Manager job and the only notable thing he's doing is hosting rip-offs of game shows to advance a "love trapizoid" between Super Santino, Stupid Maria, Ron Simmons, and a piece of cheese. Fortunately, these are pretty fun so far and anything that involves the Iron Shiek should always be gold.

- So it's been announced that Booker T will face Triple H at Summerslam. Because apparently, Booker hasn't buried one too many times by the man of three Hs. It's almost looking to be the umpteenth coming of the Ultimate Warrior and Booker T is assuming Hunter's role of being McSon-In-Law's bitch for ninety seconds or less.

That's all I got. All in all, a pretty solid show that was at least better than what we got last week.

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