Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Shat(ner)

Apparently the campaign to get Shatner on Abrams' Trek flick continue as the former "Kirk" is whoring himself out in an attempt to get someone to convince Abrams to stick the Shat in there. And... the talks over at Trekweb are amusing as hell, with the Shat-fans saying that Nimoy betrayed his best friend or some other bullshit...

Doesn't Shatner already have a TV show he's doing right now? Shouldn't he just stick with that? His days as Kirk are long gone and no amount of makeup or toupees is going to bring him back to form just for a useless cameo. Would it be cool to see Kirk back in action? Sure... when a younger guy plays him. If Shatner doesn't fit into the equation, there should be no reason why he ought to.

Maybe it's because I was born in the eighties when Trek movies were starting to come out, so I don't have the same time of love for Kirk. Yes, I do believe he defined Trek. He's a cultural icon that Shatner has molded into his own. That much cannot be taken away. However, the man is way past his prime as far as that role goes and it's time for the mantle to be assumed by someone else.

Would it be nice to see Shatner in a Trek movie?

Sure... as the Enterprise chef.

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