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COMIC REVIEW - Superman #666 (Oct. 2007)

Superman #666 (October 2007)
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Walter Simonson

So Superman's long running series has reached the number of the beast, similar to how his other DC rival has reached the number. You could imagine the DC editorial meetings behind the production of this issue:

DC EDITOR #1: Lookie here, folks. Superman has hit six-hundred and sixty-six issues!

DC EDITOR #2: Wow, that's incredible! How do we celebrate this momentous occasion?

DC WRITER: How about we show a what if tale about what happens when Superman is influenced by the devil from Krypton and decides to kill everybody?

DC EDITOR #1: Nah! That idea sucks! You're fired!

DC JANITOR: Why don't you guys just make him a dick for a whole issue?

DC EDITOR #2: Oh yeah! What a great idea! That'll sell lots of issues!

DC EDITOR #1: YES! This will SO make up for our inconsistent progress of ongoing storylines spanning five hundred issues spread across the few thousand out there!!! You, sir, are a GENIUS! Here's a promotion!!!


Let's get this out of the way: the story behind this issue sucks ass. It's rather pointless, it doesn't make sense, it doesn't play into the larger Superman mythos, and most of all, it's one of the most cliched plotlines out there that was used simply because of the issue's number. Anyone who is looking for great storytelling in comic books won't find it in this issue because this issue doesn't have it. Perhaps most of all, the plot is sort of misleading. This isn't about Superman being controlled by the devil or being the Anti-Christ or anything like that; this is about Superman being a dick.

Yeah, that's right. I said it and I'll go ahead and say it again. Superman is a dick. If all those issues from the Silver Age don't convince you of this fact, then this issue should be more than enough to kill any doubts you may have had about your favorite superhero.

THAT is what's going to sell this issue. Superman is a dick all throughout this issue, as fourth-stringer heroine Zatanna will attempt to convince Superman to stop what he's doing and Supes is like "Yeah, I know I'm doing bad things and I just don't care" and will just blow her away or something. He does some nasty stuff to Jimmy (not THAT nasty, you pervert!) because the signalwatch buzzing annoys the hell out of Supes. This is superdickery at its absolute best and it is awesome. So yeah, the story sucks, because Superman being the dick he knows he could be just sells the book alone.

Forget the fact that a name writer and a name artist is behind the creation of this book: this isn't about them. This is about Superman being a dick. Kurt Busiek does a good dick Superman and the art pretty much compliments the issue. It's not the cleanest art and not my favorite, but it works.

Hats off to DC for allowing Superman to be his good old true dickery self for one whole issue and as a result, create a weird, screwed-up, fun story in a day and age when the most notable thing in comics are nonsensical crossovers and political overtones forced upon a story just because the writer gets a hard-on for them. While the issue does try to play upon some Christian values or something, it's just fluff for the issue's true motive. Anyone who longed for the days of Superman charging damsels-in-distress a rescue fee or stealing away Jimmy Olsen's newly-earned cash will want to pick this up. But if you're looking for something deep, you won't find it here.

But come on. Superman's a dick here. Just as everyone suspected...

P.S. - They didn't do anything with Action Comics or Detective Comics when THOSE books hit 666. What the heck?

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