Friday, August 24, 2007

Anchorwoman axed after one episode

Now this is a story that is truly worth of a WTF moniker.

In a record-breaking cancellation move, FOX (famous for cancelling shows within a couple episodes) has cancelled the latest comedy-reality series Anchorwoman, featuring a former WWE Diva's attempts to become a TV news reporter. Some people say the show was so bad it had to be cancelled after the first episode aired. I disagree because when I read the show got cancelled, my first thought was "Wait a minute. The show's cancelled? I didn't even know it aired!"

So, this is news that came across some wrestling news site somewhere because coincidentally that's the only place you could find this sort of hard-hitting information that you apparently never knew you needed... except you really didn't. This was a show that I've heard nothing - and I mean NOTHING about - frequently other sites of non-wrestling media, nor did I ever recall seeing any ads for. Is it the sort of the show that even FOX is embarrassed to allow even a full season run?

The world may never know... save for the few sad folks who somehow caught this on air.

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