Monday, July 30, 2007

The Spock Actor's Reference

Contrary to an earlier blog post, you didn't need SIX actors to portray Spock back in the 1980s. Instead, you needed NINE.

1. Leonard Nimoy - the original Spock

2. Launched Photon Torpedo - dead Spock

3. Photon Torpedo Tube - rotting Spock's casket

4. Carl Steven - Spock at age 7

5. Vardia Potenza - Preteen Sexmate Spock at age 13

6. Stephen Manley - Teenage Spock at age 17

7. Joe W. Davis - Vulcan-Rage Spock at age 25

8. Director Nimoy - Nimoy-Spock hybrid

9. Baby - Baby Spock in Star Trek V flashback

(2019 Update: I guess you can add Ethan Peck to the list, who plays Spock in Star Trek: Discovery.)

So yeah, that's a lot of people/things/stupidities to play one Vulcan. Wonder how many actors Tuvok has:

1. Tim Russ - Tuvok

2. A shitload of stunt doubles.

Okay, so what about the Vulcan chick on Enterprise? Well, see Tuvok but swap Tim Russ for that other chick. Jolene whatsherface.

So yeah, Vulcans are hard for one person to handle...

Or maybe it's just me.

Good night.

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