Tuesday, July 3, 2007

RAW (July 2nd, 2007): Average RAW This Week? Now Dat's Cool.

After a depressing and tragic week that I hope you can all put behind us (I know I can), we return to our regularly scheduled Monday Night RAW program... and boy was it average. Doesn't sound like high praise, but compared to what the show's been shitting out lately, average is high praise enough. Some quick highlights from the show:

- Umaga beats IC champ Santino Marella to win the title. On the PPV, he lost via countout, which leads me to wonder why they didn't do the title change there, since it was obvious Marella was going to lose the title to the Samoan Bullshit sooner or later. Oh well, at least I can sleep better known that Italian son of a bitch's joke of a title reign is finally over.

- Carlito beats Sandman via DQ due to Sandman whacking Carlito with his cane. I mean, this is just painful to watch. It's bad enough they pulled Sandman out of ECW (even though ECW is nothing like the old ECW or anything even remotely different), but the commentary is an absolute horrendous. Only Joey Styles could call a Sandman match and not make it seem like a joke. The commentary from JR and Lawler in relation to this match was a joke... then again, the quality of their commentary has gone way down the shitter in recent years.

- In a piece of good news, we got the Beat the Clock gimmick matches, which shot out a couple decent matches from Orton and Booker T. In a shocker, Super Crazy beat Mr. Kennedy. Finally, Lashley beats Shelton fastest and will challenge John Worthless for the title. To emphasize that point, Black Goldberg spears John Worthless and poses with the spinner prop. Joy.

- Triple H is returning soon. Who gives a shit?

Like I said, from what I've seen so far, the show's been fairly average. But again, average is good.

According to rajah.com, there are reports that USA Network is pushing for RAW to be extended to three hours from now on; the thought process being that they'd get another hour of high ratings. Those on the WWE front think it's a bad idea and rightfully so. Remember the last weekly wrestling show to air for three hours? I wonder what happened to that show... oh yeah, IT WAS CANCELLED.

Even if WWE thought that it's a good idea, they'd be the only ones to think so. I mean, it's tough enough trying to book 5-8 hours of television. Booking 6-9 hours worth of television would be a creative nightmare.

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