Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RAW (Jul. 30th, 2007) RAW-Verage

A couple of points on tonight's RAW despite it not being over:

- Carlito actually brings up his first win over Cena from ages ago. Oh my God! Actual continuity is being respected here? Did we get a new creative team and I didn't know about it? Holy crap! But of course, Cena has to reference the period to other things. For example, that was back when Britney Spears actually looked hot or Linsay Whatsherface had her first line or something. Hmmm... maybe I should add to that list. After all, that was back when Cena had a personality and knew a wrestling move or two that actually looked threatening. Fortunately, Carlito vindicates himself by beating Cena and spits an apple at him. Match was pretty watchable by Cena standards.

- Mr. Kennedy swats Bobby Lashley in the shoulder and wins. Well, no complaints here. Lashley may be a generic musclehead but unlike some muscleheads, he can sell the shoulder injury as a weakness and not as an afterthought. So my respect level for him is up somewhat.

- Umaga kills the Italian guy again. Next.

- Randy Orton kills Sgt. Slaughter... everybody acts like it's a big deal, except people tend to forget that Orton already kicked Slaughter's ass a couple years back. So I guess it's the same writing team with selective continuity memory after all. Okay, I get it.

- The battle of the kings. Lawler wins via cheap DQ. I still don't understand the point of this feud. Booker doesn't like Lawler calling himself king and they fight, but nothing's resolved and next week they'll both be called king. Was there any kingship on the line? Someone clarify this for me because I'm confused.

- Triple H is coming back at Summerslam. Another case of "Who gives a shit?" Of course, he's going to come back. He always comes back. He could have twenty bulletholes in his fucking skull and he'll still come back to do his generic punch-kick offense with occasional knee strike and underhook piledriver. Why bother advertising his return when it's inevitable and obvious that he's coming back? Only the most oblivious and dumbest person around (read: anyone working for WWE*) would not know Triple H will eventually return after a hellacious injury. Fuck, even my old college buddy who doesn't watch wrestling knows old Trips is coming back. So what's the point?

All in all, a fairly decent show despite my gripes. Nothing noteworthy happened, but that's okay.

*may not be anyone working for WWE

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