Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nimoy's In. Shatner's Out. Who Gives A Shat(ner)?

A recent posting on Trekweb has revealed from the mouth of William Shatner that Leonard Nimoy might be in the next Trek movie, but not the Shat. Fanboys are protesting because Shatner might not be in it and they'll boycott the movie unless Shatner's in it.

To all the fanboys who want them to bring back Shatner and are having a pissy fit over it, here is some sage advice once given by your hero:

GET A LIFE, will you people?!! I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a freakin' movie! I mean, look at you, look at the way you're dressed! You've turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME! HEY, YOU GUYS ARE... THE LAMEST BUNCH... I'VE NEVER SEEN...

Some people will never know better.

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