Sunday, July 22, 2007

MOVIE REVIEW - Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

The original Evil Dead was a decently-conceived horror flick built on a crummy budget. On the other side of the spectrum, Army of Darkness is a comedic action-adventure fantasy film that spoofs the conventions. And then there's the middle child... Evil Dead II.

Evil Dead II represented the series' transition from pure horror movie to slapstick comedy; I believe Bruce Campbell refered to it as "splatstick". This sequel - a partial remake that retells the first movie but a sequel nonetheless - is more light-hearted than the original and whatever horror elements are used in comic effect. The movie isn't taken as seriously as it was the first time around and I think that helps a bit as it gives the Ash character some personality instead of just the gutless coward that he was in the first movie.

Don't confuse light-heartness with kid-friendly; despite having comic moments, this is still partially a horror flick and there is gratuitous gore and graphic violence. It doesn't really go overboard however; there weren't any tree rapings like in the first one.

If you haven't seen this one and was wondering what the fuss was about with this Ash guy, I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it, but if you happen to find it somewhere, go ahead and pick it up.

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