Tuesday, July 17, 2007

GameFAQs Review - Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Xbox)

First there was X-Men. Then there was Marvel Super Heroes. Then X-Men came back and tussled with Street Fighters. Then it was Marvel's turn. Then other Capcom heroes joined the fray. Now we get to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, where a whole bunch of fighters from both universes show up and beat the tar out of each in pixelated fashion. Admittingly, this can be a fun party game if you have a bunch of guys together, but does that equal a good game? Let's find out.

STORY: Marvel characters and Capcom characters join together and beat the crap out of each other. After a few bouts, the surviving team challenges the final boss called Abyss, who seems to be the new bad guy. In other words, there's no story to speak of... just like any other fighting game, I suppose. 5/10

GRAPHICS: People complaining about how Capcom Fighting Evolution looked bad with its recycled sprites obviously haven't played this game, because they're much worse here. Whether it's on a decent television screen or even on a crappy TV from the early 80s, these sprites look very pixelated and do not mesh well at all with the 3D-rendered backdrops (which are nicely done but are pretty generic compared to previous titles in the series - whom at least had these nice little cameos). Even the new characters seem out of place. And the final boss' final form looks especially bad. Some of these things should have been smoothed out before being released, especially considering the systems this game's on. 5/10

SOUND: You can't really say the sound isn't crisp because it's an X-Box, so I won't. Every punch sound, voice byte, and music track is crisp and clear. Considering the generation of systems this was released on, any lesser quality sound would be an insult. The music in this game is certainly a different breed from previous Marvel-related Capcom games and to be honest, I couldn't really get into it as much as the previous soundtracks, but it's nothing ear-grinding. Good enough. 8/10

GAMEPLAY: Probably the biggest selling point of this game is the sheer number of fighters at your disposal. Once all have been unlocked, you have a huge selection to choose from and as a result, many combination of teams are possible. Of course, that doesn't mean anything because chances are half of them are useless in any shape or form. Balance has never been a strong point in this Marvel game and your chances of winning are dependent on how much button-mashing combos you can produce. Controls in this game are workable and since supers are easier to perform than in traditional fighting games, it'll be easier for a novice player of 2D fighters to get into. 7/10

CHALLENGE: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is not so much a game as it is a contest to see who can execute the most hits in a combo. There is a considerable lack of balance in terms of fighters' strength and yet that doesn't come into play. Even so, the AI in this game will give you a tough time. As said, unless you're a combo king, you'll barely nudge a KO win at the default settings. Still, each has his own tastes. 6/10

REPLAY VALUE: Replay comes in the form of the multiplayer aspect and the challenge of unlocking more fighters, features, and other goodies. The usual victims of a fighting game, but these days, it's almost essential. 8/10

OVERALL: There is no doubt in my mind that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is one of those games where the intense craziness will contribute more to its fun factor than the actual technical merits. There isn't much substance to this game, it's not as deep as it should be, and it feels somewhat shallow considering it's nothing more than recycled spritework dating back to the mid-90s. Now while my review in general may make this game seem bad, it really isn't. MVC2 feels underdeveloped in some cases, but that doesn't prevent it from being a good party game and a fun experience. I'd be hard-pressed not to recommend this game to anyone who's into Marvel, Capcom, or fighting games in general. If you hated the MVC series, though, this game won't change your mind. 7/10.

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