Tuesday, June 5, 2007

RAW (June 4th, 2007): I Like My Pointless Raw

Didn't catch the One Night Stand show... from most peoples' reaction and the results of that show, it's probably a good thing, but let's forget that and talk some RAW.

Yesterday was an utterly pointless show. I mean, it wasn't a really "bad" show or anything. It was just pointless. I don't get the idea behind it.  Let's see some highlights:

- Cade and Murdoch beat the Hardys with a swerve tactic to win the tag belts. It wasn't a great match by any stretch, but why wasn't this on a PPV when it could have meant more?

- Next week is going to be a draft. That show is going to be three hours long, so you know it must be something that it'll really shake things up... not really. The last time we had a draft; Kurt Angle left for TNA while RVD was busted for smoking pot.

- Randy Orton continues his killing spree of giving "legends" concussions. Well... it's a step up from his RESTHOLD thing he likes to do often.

That's about it. You noticed I didn't mention John Worthless. Well, I did say highlights, didn't I?


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