Tuesday, April 3, 2007

RAW (Apr. 2nd, 2007): Good God RAW-ful

If you love battle royales, the first hour was for you. Otherwise, the show blew. Apparently, Lashley/Umaga for fifty bucks wasn't bad enough, so we have to suffer through it for free. Fuck you, McMahon. Fuck you and your disproportionately tinny weeny peaball-sized bald head.


(2019 Update: You know, something like this normally wouldn't make the cut or would just be stuffed away in a compilation post. But this gave me a good, hard laugh. So, for that, it gets its own post.)

As a bonus, I'll toss in some quick thoughts on Mania 23. Despite the promising card, the show really didn't do much for me. The Lashley/Umaga match was unsurprisingly shitty and the main event (Cena/Michaels) left me a bit deflated. On the bright side of things, Batista/Taker was a fairly good match for what it was and Money In The Bank was also pretty good.

All in all, it's a better show than what was given to us last year, but hardly a show worth writing home about. I'll have a more detailed review later tonight.

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