Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DVD Review - McMahon (2006 DVD)

In memory of Vince McMahon's hair, I present a quick review of the McMahon DVD. This'll be the first DVD review I'm doing (goodie) and also the first review that works under a different format than I usually do, so we'll see how this works.

For some reason, people at World Wrestling Entertainment felt the need to compile a DVD retrospect on Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I don't know why, but the DVD was made and I picked it up, just for a few laughs on how they would explain some of Vince's mishaps.

THE GOOD: For the most part, the DVD is pretty extensive, as they talk about Vince's uprising and the expansion of the WWF, as well as discussing a few "questionable" angles of recent years. Nothing flaky there, but then they bring up the WTBS deal with Ted Turner, spinning it as though they were getting great ratings to a point where Ted wanted to buy a piece of the company (many other written accounts tell a different - more accurate - story). There are just many things that are given a different spin here that it's absolutely nuts (the XFL didn't cost a lot to do, but lack of support from UPN forced the project to be canned... QUE?), but it makes for an entertaining romp. For those interested, the DVD includes Vince's Slammy dance number in its entirety.

THE BAD: They skimp over the early-90s for some reason; it would have been nice to heard Vince's thoughts on the WBF (his short-lived bodybuilding company) and the steroid scandals. The extras aren't anything to write home about; just some more interviews and a select few of McMahon's matches. None of them are great, although I did enjoy watching the first Austin/McMahon non-match from 98, as I hadn't seen it the first time around. Other than that, nothing special.

OVERALL: If you want a good retrospect on the history of WWE, McMahon isn't what you're looking for. Revisionist history aside, this offers a good look behind the scenes as well as brief snippets of what goes on in Vince's head. Worth a look if you're remotely a fan of McMahons.

RATING: 6 / 10

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