Friday, April 20, 2007

DTM BLOG Classics #28: Even Europe Hates John Cena

So last Monday's RAW was an okayish show... made possible by the Italian crowd who booed the fuck out of John Useless Cena. Good stuff.

The fashion show was useless, but they got an Italian guy hosting the festivities, so that's okay.

Generic jobber posing as an Italian fan wins the Intercontinental title from Umaga. Thus rendering both the former titleholder and the title itself a joke. But hey, it's not like Umaga and the title weren't a joke already.

All in all - perfectly acceptable show. Can't wait for the London show.

Oh, by the way, here's a fairly interesting newsbit from

As WWE continues their European tour they ran into some shear disappointment in Germany. Yesterday’s attendance at the RAW/ECW house show event in Munich’s Olympiahalle was said to be more than disappointing. Tickets did not sell and people did not show! The Olympiahalle had a webcam online yesterday afternoon which showed this disappointment. It doesn’t appear WWE will be appearing in the southern region of Germany again.

WWE disappointed because people didn't show up? Must have been that goose-stepping stint JBL did a couple years back. Or maybe even Germans don't give a shit about John Cena.

Good news, though. John Cena is still loved by the American public for reasons beyond my comprehension. And people are warming up to Lashley too.

Lashley might have a chance after all... he could be the "nice" Black Lesnar (since he can't get angry or even remotely fake it). But it's time to abandon the dead weight called Cuck Fena.

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