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Classic Bite Commentary: March 20th, 2007

(2018 Update: Replaced an older post with an even older Bite commentary.)

Welcome to the Bite. On the agenda are some random pieces, some blog reposts and expansions, and some news concerning certain web projects. Also, there will be a new commentary in a couple weeks, sometime during the whole Wrestlemania fever. And yes, there will be predictions and a full review to follow.

Hope everyone's had a decent St. Paddy's day. Didn't have any beer, but had some boiled wine to go with the Portuguese sweetbread. Promptly went to bed shortly afterwards.

There was a forced power outage as some of the fine electrical folks needed to turn off the electricity so they could fuck around with the wirings and cables. Obviously, power is back on or I wouldn't be making this blog post and reposting this on the Bite. For the most part, I spent the day drawing, writing, and roaming shopping malls. During the roaming portion, I bought myself a Wacom Tablet for a hundred bucks. For the most part, it's a pretty sweet mechanism that comes with a pen for better drawing of vector items. While I'm still getting used to this new baby, it is proudly and happily taking the place of my crappy USB optical mouse, which has the tendency of not working at times. Oh well. If you're wondering about the product a little more, I'm planning on writing an quick review with some pictures of the piece in action.

Not going to make a huge mention of this, WWE has reportedly moved the ECW One Night Stand PPV from its usual location in New York (Hammerstein Ballroom) to the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Obviously, this is an attempt to keep away the old-school ECW crowd and Florida is as far from the old-school ECW crowd as you're going to get. Of course, this particular plan was implemented with the last piece of shit PPV when they moved it to Georgia and we all know the story there. Because when you're selling ECW, you're selling an open atmosphere which means the crowd will just chant whatever the fuck they want.

You know something? I think the crowds don't care if an WWECW show sucks or not. They just show up to chant all kinds of shit and WWE is promptly ignore them. I swear, I've never seen a company that showed no care in the world for its fans than WWE. Yes, these people can enjoy whatever they want and if they like what they see, then more power to them. While I tend to talk a lot of shit about WWE, there are some stuff that I do enjoy, whether it's due to the superb wrestling action or the cheesy storylines or the plain stupidity and absurdity of certain angles. Hey, years of Power Rangers have given me a hint of enjoyment for the mundane. ECW goes past the mundane and into the bad category. The sad truth is that when a majority of fans voice their disapproval, they are promptly ignored and edited out of future broadcasts. So much for feeding off the fans.

A non-fan was given free tickets to a Smackdown/ECW taping and wrote his experiences in a very negative and oftentimes inaccurate article. You can check out the article here if you like. Now, I tend to bitch about various happenings within WWE, but this guy gets free tickets and bitches about it? What a crock. Why fucking bother taking free seats if you're going to hate it? At least, if I get free tickets, I'll take 'em with an open mind and critique the end result based on my experience.  But whatever.

A recent WWE press release has revealed that future B-shows... ahem, I mean, "single-brand PPVs" will feature talent and storylines from all three brands. So the single-brand-per-PPV concept is pretty much dead at this point, although some may argue that the concept's been dead for quite some time and they're just beating it to the ground. Now the problem is that they just went from 12 single-brand PPVs that fans can pick and choose to about 16 multi-brand PPVs that will feature the brands you're trying to avoid. Which means shuffling forty bucks for PPVs that are brittled with garbage booking from other brands. Whatever, man. My PPV birthday count is almost expired anyway.

Enough about the rasslin'. Let's talk some other stuff.

Screwattack.com, a video game site that hosts a variety of videos such as their retro reviews and angry nerd videos, has been going screwy as of late. Turns out their servers can't handle the increasing payload of their increasing popularity. That's okay, though. Things seem to be smoothing out thus far.

Originally, I was going to have a nice solid piece on recent comments from former Trek-exec Rick Berman and the Trek fanbase in general, but decided I had so much to say that it should be its own fangled article. It'll be a week or two before it's finished. Suffice it to say, it doesn't really say what hasn't been said before on my part, but it does elaborate on my feelings a bit.

While we're on the subject of Trek, I've recently read yet another interview featuring former Trek writer David Gerrold talking about his "infamous" unproduced TNG script with gay characters and AIDS allegories. While done in lesser frequency than TNG cast members bitching about prequels and movies not featuring them, it does get a bit annoying when one of the things that comes up is a script with gays and AIDS that never got produced due to its controversial nature. Dude, just get over it. Be happy the story was told in a novel you wrote and the script will see some life as a New Voyages episode. Maybe if this script is produced in some fashion and fails to make waves because nobody is likely to give a shit about the matter in this day and age, it'll shut you up on the topic and let you move on to something else, like writing stories about transvestite tribbles suffering from Klingon SARS. ENOUGH!

It's an old article someone wrote that bashes the Power Rangers show and its various conventions, but in spite of that, I thought it was pretty hilarious regardless. Click here to check it out.

So now that Blog Repost Mania is fulfill, I should probably get on with the future web projects deal I've been eluding to prior.

Let it be said here: July 2007 will see the Webstation getting another makeover. Some people wonder if these makeovers are because of a design's lifespan being extinguished or simply because I love to change things. Truth be told, I hate changing things unless totally necessary, but in the case of the Webstation, I am constantly looking for a proper design that will make all the various pieces fit. And by pieces, I mean all the commentaries, articles, fanfics, and other pieces of swag that are floating around. It tends to be a gauge as to which is getting updated and which is getting digital dust. Admittingly, design between the last two formats have really changed much; they were more re-organization issues than anything else. This next update will probably be a true redesign as I attempt to rebuild a good chunk of the content. Let's not jump ahead, though.

In terms of fanfics, I'm just going to start off small. This means short and quick fics that are easier to write up and follow up. There are a lot of short stories in the old . As far as existing fanfics in the air, Ascension's been pretty much canned for the moment and may be removed from the FF.Net account, Malevolence is going to updated eventually, and then there's the dwindling Castlevania storyline that's been on hold for months. If anything on the fanfic front goes well, expect these to be up and running around later this month. Not going to make any promises.

That's it for now. See you in a couple weeks.


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